Student Life

Kenny Van Minsel
President - LOKO

Kenny is a political science student and the president of the LOKO, the umbrella organisation of all students in Leuven. LOKO represents the interests of students, organizes large activities, supports the student unions and organisations and offers education opportunities and services for volunteers. LOKO encompasses over 50.000 students.

Jesse Hoobergs
President - Quivr

Jesse is a final-year computer science student who participated in hackathons in Canada and Switzerland himself. Today he is the president of Student Innovations VZW, a non-profit that he joined in his first year as an Android developer. The goal of Student Innovations VZW is to make the life of students easier by creating digital applications. Their main product is the student app Quivr that is used by over 50.000 Belgian students to view their schedule, the opening hours and occupancies of the libaries, the menu of the student restaurants and other useful information for students.