Ides Ticket
Founder - Business Markers

Ides Ticket is founder and managing partner of Business Markers, a collective of enterprising experts who work around action driven strategy, committed people, valuable clients and digital transformations. Business Markers is active in Belgium and Germany. After his studies in Leuven and California Ides used to work for Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola and he eventually became general manager at MTV Networks. Today Ides accompanies both SMEs and multinationals in positioning exercises, in the development and operational translation of strategy and in sending change.

Stein Gullentops
Stein Gullentops
Owner of Fish digital & Marketing Automation Consultant

Stein started his own company 3 years ago after having worked in a variety of departments in some of Belgium’s leading companies in FMCG, travel & advertising. Today, Stein is supporting companies in the digital transformation of their customer journey, across multiple channels.

Ignace De Nollin
Ignace De Nollin
Managing Director at Smart with Foods - Colruyt

Ignace is a born entrepreneur with experience in food, retail and pharma. Today he is fully engaged to bring those three worlds together with SmartWithFood, a Belgium-based scale-up. SmartWithFood is a B2B Food Intelligence platform enabling highly personalised food & health experiences by taking the complexity out of shopping for the right food, no matter what dietary requirement.