Marijke Celis
Marijke Celis
Manager Digitaal Productiecentrum - VRT

Marijke is Manager of the Digital Production Centre of VRT, an “in-house” digital agency responsible for the development of all digital products, formats and content for all VRT brands (NWS, Sporza, StuBru, één, Canvas, VRT NU, Radio 1, Radio 2, Klara, …). She has a broad experience in digital product development and in leading digital transformation from a lean and agile mindset and practices.

Maarten Verwaest
Founder and CEO - Limecraft

Maarten is founder and CEO of Limecraft. Limecraft Flow is a cloud-based workflow platform for media professionals that helps them to improve collaboration and to reduce their turn around time. Prior to incorporating Limecraft, in his capacity as a programme manager for the R&D department of VRT (VRT-medialab), he lead the development of many innovative technologies in the areas of computer assisted manufacturing and automatic indexing of audiovisual media. Author of several distinguished publications, Maarten is an acknowledged subject matter expert on a range of topics including multimedia techniques, semantic technologies and media production infrastructure.

Sven Munaron
Sven Munaron
IT Delivery Manager Video - De Persgroep

Sven is the current Video Area Delivery Manager at De Persgroep, where he is – together with his squads – responsible for delivering the business value desired by the business and customers of MEDIALAAN / de Persgroep Publishing and de Persgroep Netherlands. Sven is down to earth and likes to be amongst the people who build our great products. De Persgroep is known for their numerous brands and digital products like,,,,, Het Laatste Nieuws, Q2, Dag Allemaal, .. and as a Delivery Manager he will think about the future for Online Video which is a large and scaling business.

Ivor Micallef
Director Entertainment Products - Telenet

Ivor has built his career fully around TV & Entertainment products. He is currently leading the Entertainment Product Team at Telenet, which brings exciting innovative platforms and features to keep 2 million Belgian households engaged and entertained on their ever-growing range of devices. His main focus is to constantly strike the right balance between running fast with innovation and bringing the mass market habits forward for everyone to enjoy entertainment their way.