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Pascal Cuppens - Edited
Pascal Cuppens
Head of the Surf Studio KBC Group Innovation Ecosystem - KBC

Hello, I’m Pascal, I became crazy in 2012 by participating The Pitch, an innovation contest at KBC. Radical Innovation became my new passion. In 2014 I started the Surf Studio, as an internal startup within KBC, in the basement of our headquarter. Today Surf Studio ecosystem is the innovation center of KBC Group, present in 10 headquarters of KBC Group. Within Surf Studio we support the organization in exploring new business opportunities via new market trends. Via trendbooks we stimulate exploration new horizons, via our Surf Studio Labs we enable experiments.

Peter Croughs
Peter Croughs
Business/Startup & Fintech liaison & Innovation watcher - KBC

Peter has mixing jobs at KBC. At this moment, he is working on “Accelerate KBC’s growth through collaborations with Startups & Fintechs” within the KBC procurement. By networking within the Startups & Fintechs Eco-system. By mentoring Startups & Fintechs (under the wings of StartIt@KBC). By scouting within the Startups & Fintechs Eco-system for innovative ideas. By connecting Startups & Fintechs with KBC decision makers. By engaging Startups & Fintechs.